Saturday, November 12, 2011

Barley John's Brew Pub (New Brighton, MN)

Unfortunately, I live on the wrong side of the twin cities to visit Barley John's to be a regular. Recently, visited BJ's again for the AHA Teach a Friend to Homebrew day, and actually brought a friend to learn from the welcoming Minnesota Home Brewers Association. I attended this same event several years ago when I started homebrewing and the learning from it gave me the confidence to brew my first batch. 

On to Barley John's, who has always been a great host. For 10 am start, BJ's had a breakfast special, including a veggie version that was much appreciated by me. Also, two additional options offered two different sausage versions of the egg bake. Over the years, I've been to BJ's maybe a dozen times--and have never been disappointed by the food. In fact, the food is one of their strengths. 

On this trip, I started with the Imperial Stout, which was a very respectable version of the style. I finished the keg of the Biere de Garde, which the server said was the staff favorite. It wasn't a favorite of mine, but it was the bottom of the keg (comped for half the glass). Moved to my standard favorite Old Eight Porter. When available, the much acclaimed Dark Knight is very much worth the effort to drink. 

If you're on the north side, or if you're looking for a way above average dinner with your craft beer, Barley John's should be a serious consideration. This small place with friendly service, great food and solid beer won't disappoint.

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