Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tank Monkey (Town Hall Brewery, Minneapolis, MN)

Tank Monkey was served in a 10 oz glass--the cascade from the bottom of the glass is absolutely gorgeous--it's what one imagines beer to be at it's very best.  Light brown as it starts to settle, a fluffy bright white head forms and lingers above an ale of copper with gold highlights to charge the anticipation for this double IPA. Can't find the description, so don't remember anything about the composition. Bright citrus and light lemon, earthy notes with some resin, pine, and a big hop spice with a trace of pepper. Great nose followed by a creamy malt sweetness, caramel and then--the bite! Hops dig in hard on the back of the tongue to counterbalance the silky sweetness. Very nice beer. Drove back to have another, though the first was the best--which I attribute to the vagaries of cask ale. Didn't get the pushed version, but would guess brightening this beer up would be pretty good as well.

Serving type: cask

Reviewed on: 11-12-2011 01:02:34

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