Sunday, November 20, 2011

Carmody Irish Pub & Brewery (Duluth, MN)


Carmody Irish Pub & Brewing in downtown Duluth, MN on Superior St 
While driving back to the hotel from Fitger’s down the street on East Superior (main drag of Duluth), I saw “& Brewing” tacked on the bottom of Carmody Irish Pub. While done nicely, it seems like it has been added, but not specifics were available on the history of the brewing at the pub. And, since I was in a hurry, I, unfortunately, didn’t ask when there. 

In short, I found the stop to be more pleasant and productive than I imagined at first. While I don’t doubt Buebie’s experience, I found it to be much better. It’s nearly two months later, so maybe the Carmody brewers are learning and have made some adjustments. Again, I have not inside information, and we’ll leave that to a Duluth BA to add. 

I tried the following beers as a sampler tray: Agnes Red Ale (6%), Tippler’s Golden (4.8%), Apollo Pale Ale (5.2%), American Red Ale (5.7%), Scanlon IPA (6.7%) and Roast Mint Stout (4.8%). In the Agnes I could taste a bit of Buebie’s point--a small off flavor in it (diaceytl?) and the Apollo, while could, didn’t have a completely clean taste as well. Both were quite drinkable. The Tippler’s was a solid beer with a bit of a spicy hop character to it. No descriptions on the website, so don’t know much more than that about it. My favorite was the Scanlon IPA, which is a very acceptable IPA and would’ve been my choice for a pint if I had had the time for one. While it wasn’t my favorite, the Roast Mint Stout was good and I applaud the effort to push the limits. All of the beers were quite drinkable, and, even though I had sample is whiskey glasses, there was a lace on every glass. Every beer was quite acceptable, and a couple were good. Nothing was mind blowing or matched my favorites at Fitger’s the night before, but good beer worth drinking a pint. 

On the menu, Carmody’s own offerings were listed as “home brews,” which I liked for some reason. In addition, they have 14 gues taps that focused mostly on regional beers like Surly Furious, New Belgium 1554 and Ranger IPA, and two Dubrue beers, evidently a new local brewery in Duluth. Bartender was very friendly and attentive, and several locals were coming in just after 3 pm when we were there. Nice old bar, run down a bit and divvy, but comfortable. Stage in the back bar, and there seem to be a emphasis on local music as well from posters and dollar bills with bands, names and dedications attached to the bar wall. 

While I find it difficult to get past Fitger’s when I’m in town for a quick stop, I would most definitely consider spending some time at Carmody for a pint. If I were into local music, this definitely a place to stop. Hopefully, with experience, the beer will continue to improve over time.

9/25/11.  Came across this article on Carmody that expands  on details that I didn't get from my stop.  

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