Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tasman Red (Boston Beer Co, Samuel Adams, Boston, MA)

Billed as a Red IPA, Tasman Red is a dark maroon to almost an opaque brown in the glass.  Held high against the light, shimmering ruby highlights show up.  Pouring out of the bottle, it's a muddy copper.  Thick, creamy and rocky head the bubbles high and persists.  Nice malt nose, but the hops shine through very clearly like an IPA.  Looking at the beer, it defies expectations and is fun and surprising.  More malt in the taste, but the citrus hop bite doesn't back down a bit.  At 6.75%, it's not a beast but has some heft to it.  No alcohol apparent.  I like this beer, but it feels a bit muddled and not pulled together.  Clean and well brewed, just not a new favorite.

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