Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Harry's Bottle Shop (Grand Forks, ND)

After a disappointing stop at JL beers, we headed over to Happy Harry's Bottle Shop for some barley refreshments to watch with the rest of the hockey game between the Gophers vs the team formerly known as Sioux.

Like many high end beer stores that aren't the Four Firkins, they are a wine store that also has an above average selection of beer.  The back wall of coolers in this photo is loaded with a good range of micros and to the left was a cooler of bigger bottles.

We were there for a fast stop, so didn't survey it all, but left with plenty of beer and felt like I had to make a choice.  So, at least, there was enough beer to get me to think a bit.  Not a bad sign.  Left with almost the entire range of Leech Lake beers that I've written about recently, a bottle of Shipyard Barleywine, two bottles of Sam Adams Infinium and a six of New Belgium 1554.  At this point, I've samples all of the bottles except the second Infinium and didn't hit a bad one in the bunch.  Seems like Happy Harry's handles its beer well and moves enough of it to keep it fresh.  I'll definitely stop at this bottle shop again the next time I find myself in Grand Forks.

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