Monday, February 20, 2012

Circus Boy (Magic Hat Brewing, Burlington, VT)

Circus Boy is another Magic Hat beer that I liked when sampled last summer on site more than the bottle that I've been able to acquire in Minnesota. While I understand that I shouldn't be surprised, the beer that's being drunk in Vermont doesn't seem to make it here in the same shape sadly. 

White head pops up and evaporates quickly to leave just the straw gold with copper highlighted beer in the glass. My notes from last summer say hefe w/ lemongrass, and I can smell in lightly when I look hard. Taste is thin bodied and lacks any pizzazz. Light yeast and fruity characteristics follow with a slight bite, but little more. 

Disappointed in this bottle and won't be trying it again--at least until I get a chance for a draft in Vermont to figure out the difference. After finishing my review, I saw the Alstrom review as being much higher. That review is from 2006, so maybe something has changed in the beer since then in spite of the name being the same, but in reading Jason A's review I am not drinking the same quality of beer. Whether it's transportation, lack of Magic Hat sales in Minnesota, timing of when I bought it, etc, I'm not sure. Just doesn't live up.

Serving type: bottle

Reviewed on: 02-20-2012 18:41:58

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