Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blindside Pale Ale (Leech Lake Brewing, Walker, MN)

Blindside by Leech Lake
On to bottle two from Leech Lake Brewing--Blindside Pale Ale.  Needed to youtube a 360 blindside to get the wakeboard reference of "Just like a wakeboarder--tasty trick, smooth landing."  As an English teacher beer drinker, I like the clearly revised and well worded description on the label.

Very lovely in the glass.  Hazy burnt orange with golden highlights, this ale sports an off white head that falls with a nice lace.  All fuggles hops in the beer, which I read (someplace--don't remember where) that Leech Lake only uses fuggles.  The website doesn't confirm this clearly but every description only lists fuggles.  Musty, earthy nose with a fruity smell like an overripe orange plus a sharp peppery or spice note.  Spice is up front on the tongue with a sharp hop twang that lingers along the side.  Supported by a much fuller body than expected for a pale ale.  Carbonation sparkles on the second pour to swell the head.  I'm impressed with this beer and starting to think a trip to Leech Lake is in order.

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