Sunday, February 26, 2012

Town Hall Barrel Aged Week 2012

Happy to say I completed my week of barrel aged beers at Town Hall.  Over the years, I've always pined for the nights missed during special tapping weeks.  Reflecting on the week, I've made a couple of conclusions.

First, Town Hall is spectacular.  The fact that they are able to produce and tap this many cool beers in a week is a great benefit to the beer drinking community of the Twin Cities. In a discussion with Hoops a while back, I mentioned that I had gone on a recent beer trip and had been disappointed with the brewpubs I had visited.  I kept saying to myself  "Not bad, but it's not Town Hall."  So the week was a reconfirmation of my love and dedication to what I consider to be my local pub.

Second, I don't think I need to go every night of a special week in the future.  I did enjoy going to each tapping, but I'm exhausted even though I was on spring break.  This is mostly a logistical issue because I live about a 25 minutes from Town Hall, assuming there's no traffic.  Or, maybe I'm too old to going out drinking every night (though I didn't do that when I was young either).  In the future, I'll return to my pick and choose method of prioritizing what looks best and hope to catch a beer or two leftover.  Maybe this experience will result in an unexpected mental health benefit because I will hopefully not pine as much for days and beers missed  in the future.

Here's the week linked in review.
Day 1 Buffalo Bock
Day 2 Wee Jack
Day 3 Twisted Jim
Day 4 Tumaltuous Rare
Day 5 Barrel Monkey
Day 6 Czar Jack


  1. Did any of them stand out as a clear cut favorite or were they all so good it was too close of a race?

  2. Czar Jack is Czar Jack, of course, but the rest were all really good. Barrel Monkey was a lot of fun, followed by Wee Jack and Twisted Jim for me. But I, as you know, have a specific taste profile biased to hops and/or barleywine. I think every beer on the list was a favorite of someone I talked to during the week.