Saturday, February 25, 2012

Barrel Aged Week 2012 Day 6 (Town Hall Brewery, Minneapolis, MN)

Czar Jack with Gold Medal GABF banner.  
Last night of barrel aged week, and it sure finished strong with a full house when I showed up a bit before 7 pm.  Packed front to back, I appreciate that a whole bunch of people keep my local profitable even though I don't show up every day like this week.

From years of drinking Czar Jack as eight drafts, a growler, and a stone growler for those who remember, this tenth time is simply recognizing an old friend who's greatness resides in not being extreme but a nuanced interplay and overlap of style, bourbon and barrel.  Dark tan and brown streaked head lusciously falls to a rimmed film.  Opaque, black on black in the glass with a nose of dark roast and oak, black strap molasses, burnt sugar, buried earthy hop, alcohol warmth and a clear bourbon smoke and vanilla from the Jack Daniels.  Taste follows the nose but adds chocolate blended in a malty center that supports rum raisin with a lingering hop bitterness that sneaks out from under the sweetness.  8.5% alcohol isn't pushy, but let's you know that it's there.  Smooth and blended, this is a great beer that deserves to carry a gold medal.

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