Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Barrel Aged Week 2012 Day 2 (Town Hall Brewery, Minneapolis, MN)

Wee Jack aged in Jack Daniels barrel
at Town Hall Brewery.  
Day 2 of Barrel Aged Week brings us to Wee Jack aged in a Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey barrel.  While I don't consider myself a Jack Daniels drinker, the JD blends very well with this beer.

It also brought out the Beer Geeks.  Not just folks like me, but the fellas of Beer Geek TV show that's been running at 11 pm on channel 45 after Friends reruns.  They were filming in the back where bottles of the Wee Jack were being handed out near the brew house.  I was pleasantly distracted talking to beer friend Eric, so didn't get a picture.  Maybe it's that I'm not a fan of the show, so I wasn't overly concerned that I missed what they were doing.  I'll watch the episode when it airs to see what happened.

The draft in the picture is mine, but the bottle belongs to Eric.  This was my second draft, which poured better than the first one that was a part of the long line of beers coming out right after six.

The tan head with very tight bubbles lingers nicely on the draft.  Strong alcohol in the nose blended on top of a light peat, heavy malt and some white oak from the JD barrel.  Full mouthfeel, sticky sweet but still not cloying.  The whiskey is smooth with an assertive hot alcohol spiciness with dark chocolate cherry and burnt raisin. Compared to the weizenbock last night, the JD whiskey blends extremely well with the wee heavy.  Great barrel aged beer that makes the most of the technique.

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