Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Driven Snow (Leech Lake Brewing, Walker, MN)

Next beer in the Leech Lake horizontal flight is Driven Snow, a robust porter according to the label.  Fluffy dark tan head lingers for a bit.  My wife was interested in it briefly, but the head looked too dark for her.  She tell can from the color of the head for stouts and porters if it will have too much coffee, roast or astringent flavors for her.  She was right, as usual, and this beer's flavor has significant roast, full bodied malt and a black strap molasses twang.  From the bottle description, This beer is a porter brewed with molasses, so that makes sense.  Also lists the IBUs at 60 from the house Fuggles, which appears a bit high for style (according to the BJCP guidelines).  Pretty tasty and the earthy hoppiness blends well with the roast flavors of the porter.  As it warms, the hops move forward in the taste.  My only critique is the body seems a bit light for a stronger beer, but not a flaw--just makes it overly easy to drink.  A very good beer that may not win any awards because it's out of style, but my favorite IPA (Town Hall Masala Mama) hasn't won an awards for the same reason and I don't care.

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