Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DogZilla (Laughing Dog Brewery, Ponderay, Idaho)

Picked up this bottle at Casanova's, mostly for the cool name: DogZilla.  Laughing Dog from Idaho is new to me as well, so an easy one to take home.

Head is the color of a malted milk ball center that bubbles up unevenly.  Per the label, there's a clear northwest hop aroma that's not complex and over a light roast malt that's hard to discern.  In spite of the 6.9% size, the body is extremely light and watery.  Roasted malt is stronger than the nose.  Hop bite is assertive, grassy flavor.  Overall flavor is off centered and weak.

A disappointing but perfectly adequate bottle--expecting more from a Godzilla reference beer.  Not big enough to fill those shoes.

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