Saturday, June 2, 2012

Provider (Steel Toe Brewing, St. Louis Park, MN)

Steel Toe Provider
Took home a Provider because the sample impressed me.  And, the guy ahead of me bought the last Dissent.  A bit light for my normal drinking, but I thought a growler for week night drinking would be a good test for this golden ale.

Stark white head falls rather quickly in spite of an assertive pour. Hazy sunflower gold ale that's translucent with waves of old gold. Floral scented nose with a slight spice and fresh biscuity malt underneath.  Sweet beer that has a full and filling mouthfeel, which is what really attracted me initially.  In spite of taking up the light, psuedo-macro, lawnmower, everyman spot in the Steel Toe line up, hearty mouthfeel belies its light appearance.  It even warms nicely, again a contradiction to its assumed visual character.  The 5% ABV points to a stronger malt bill, which may explain the perceptual gap.

Overall, a very nice beer and one that I would try a draft, bottle or growler again.  I'm looking for a growler to share at the end of the year teacher party and Provider seems like it would be palatable for a wide range of drinkers. 

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