Thursday, June 14, 2012

Torpedo (Sierra Nevada Brewing, Chico, CA)

The awesome dry hopping technique used to create this IPA is from Sierra Nevada's hop torpedo.  The hop torpedo is a cylindrical device that controls the hop contact.  Normal dry hopping is inefficient because placing hops in a bag hides much of the hoppy goodness it the center away from direct contact from the beer.  A quick search yielded this pic of the hop torpedo.  More hop, less cost: everyone is hop happy.

Thick creamy off white head that continues to grow from the strong effervescent bubbles flowing up in the afternoon sun.  Overflowing with grapefruit, citrus, a bit of lemon and clean, assertive spice in the nose.  Sweet biscuit caramel notes support the Magnumb, Crystal and Citra hop combination. The promise of hops in the nose is fulfilled with a strong bite that spreads along the tongue.  7.2% alcohol points to a fairly large malt bill and it shows in the mouthfeel.  Alcohol hotness is slightly apparent.  Excellent IPA and it's a bit over the top for the style--which is perfect for me.

If you have any inclination to savor hops, try this beer.  I love the 16 oz tallboy bans, but the packaging was terribly inconvenient.  Hard to carry and no obvious way to hold on to it.  A minor issue but not great marketing.  Take home the awkward four pack and enjoy.

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