Sunday, June 3, 2012

Galactic Pizza (Uptown, Minneapolis, MN)


For our 25th anniversary, my wife and I went to New York City for a week, saw eleven shows in a week and a grand slam win by the Twins at Yankee Stadium.  For our 27th, we went to Galactic Pizza.  We have a habit of going big on 5s and 10s.

Galactic Pizza wasn't quite a grand slam, but definitely a good time that we plan to repeat. I've heard good things about the pizza, plus the superhero gig and earth friendly ethic are a fun planet-saving bonus.

Sitting by the table by the window facing Lyndale, we shared the Thailander--a pizza version of spicy Thai peanut sauce noodles.  We substituted mock duck for the chicken, which worked fabulously.  Incidently, every pizza on the menu has a veggie and vegan version, so equal opportunity eating for everyone.  The  rumored goodness of the pizza was true and, on a hot muggy night downtown, the inside AC was nice.

Drank a Flat Earth Angry Planet Pale Ale with the pizza.  Hoppy and spicy is a great combination that I've tried to repeat in varied forms recently.  Not many beers on the menu, but only one is needed to pair for a meal.  Grain Belt, Finnegan's and Surly Bender rounded out the beer list--a little something' for everyone.  And, all beers are Minnesota local make them earth-friendly for tranportation.  Plus, Finnegan's donates its profits to charity, so a perfect fit for the eco-friendly Galactic Pizza.

Good beer, great pizza and I feel good when I eat here.  Hard to beat.

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