Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mediterranean Bistro (Gates 60-68 Newark International Airport)


Because I missed my connecting flight to Copenhagen yesterday, I had an inordinate amount of time at the airport for my late afternoon flight. Decided to go through security and had choice of only two restaurants because of Newark's compartmentalized gate system.

I found a pleasant surprise in the Mediterranean Bistro. While the choice was small, the Hoegaarden Wit was very clean and served well enough that I had another pint.

The server asked what I was reading in her down time and it happened to be a copy of The Growler from Minnesota. We chatted about Surly from their recent bike versus beer article, which she had heard of neither. I complimented them on the that they do a good job on the draft lines. She said the lines are serviced every two weeks and she was glad to now work at a place that handled beer well.

And it may be the first time I haven't felt slightly ripped off having a beer in an airport. While still gotcha pricey, at least it was a draft worth the time and money. The falafel sandwich and fries were also a good send off for my overnight flight.

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