Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lord Nelson Bar (Copenhagen, DK)

Lord Nelson from our corner high top table near the windows

We had been warned.  Lord Nelson Bar is a smoky bar, even early the place exudes a nicotine fueled stench in the below sidewalk level bar.  Dark and seedy and seemingly full of locals who seemed to know each other, the thirteen taps of the Fadøl (draft) Menu are filled with Danish beers.  I felt our presence had been noticed by the generally older crowd in this late afternoon stop, but it was merely a note that was never anything but friendly.

In fact, in spite of the warning, the focus on local beer was the reason for giving it a try.  We had well served drafts of Beer Here's Kama Citra and Wookie IPA from Amager (pronounced ah-mah), the latter coming with an uncanny Chewbacca imitation by my drinking mate Ian.  We would have stayed for more based on the beer selection, but the one, two punch of both us fighting upper respiratory congestion and a winter stuffiness of a shut up bar conspired against having another.  A bright summer day, the tapping of a hyped beer or an invitation by a friend could all get me into the Lord Nelson again.  Website says they are smoke free on Monday and Friday from opening until 10 pm, so we happened to be there on a smokeless night.  I heard bartenders and locals at other pubs mention Lord Nelson several times during the weekend, so it clearly has a positive rep among those that know beer.

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