Monday, January 28, 2013

Mackenzie Pub (Minneapolis, MN)


Mackenzie Pub is a small bar with a surprising amount of charm in the downtown Hennepin Ave,  While I've only had a few experiences at the pub, they have all been positive.  From my notes, the last time I recorded a beer was in the summer of 2008 in which I went two nights in a row with friends for tappings of a couple new breweries of the time: Surly and Furthermore.  Hard to believe I haven't been back since, but, if I have returned, it didn't record anything new.

Which I find hard to believe from their selection.  Last night before heading to the One Voice performance at The Cowles Center, I started with Indeed Old Friend and then followed up with a draft of Deschutes Hop Henge IPA to pair with my mushroom and onion pizza.  Running late, I had to interrupt a pleasant beer conversation with my newly met bar mates to finish both pizza and beer, leaving with a longing for several remaining taps.

Based on the pizza and the well served beer, I need to return.  The pub has an elegant decor with clean lines that also feels like a small town local, which makes me wonder about the history of the older building.  Service was friendly and helpful for a range of drinkers (help for me and eavesdropping on other orders).  Great stop that seems to be underrated based on how often I don't hear about them in beer chatter. However, I plan to make Mackenzie my new go-to place for downtown activities to test it over time, trading in our old place of Rock Bottom.

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