Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nørrebro Bryghus (Copenhagen, DK)

Brew house from upstairs restaurant

Most everything seemed to be closed on new year's eve day, but we found Nørrebro Bryghus open for lunch.  I've had a bottle of their brew at home from the Four Firkins and a draft of Julebryg, a Christmas beer, earlier in the week with dinner at RizRaz, a vegetarian buffet.

Nørrbro has clean, industrial chic lines and decor that are elegant and cozy for a brewpub.  While there, we saw a range of clientele with a party of kids in the downstairs restaurant and two older couples next to us with beers and shots of vodka (sipped lightly), providing an open, accepting environment even though it feels upscale.
Limited menu with chef choices for the day.  The waiter said he would be back when I said I'm a vegetarian who eats fish.  They changed the day's smørrebrød menu to match my diet, which was appreciated since Ian had been trying get me this traditional Danish open sandwich on butter rye bread all weekend.  However, smørrebrød tends to be heavily laden with meat, so getting a veggie and fish option was fun.  For me, the guessed the salmon would be a bit strong for me, so I enjoyed it first.  The second was Christmas herring and eggs, which was my second divine encounter with this combination.  The final sandwich was potato with tomato, onion, and a white sauce, and it ran a close second to the herring.

Not interested in their lagers and having had the red or Christmas beer already this trip, we ordered the two we hadn't tried yet: Molasses, a stout, and Stjernestund, a Belgian Dubbel.  Molasses had a significant molasses and roast flavor, but a thin body for a stout.  The Dubbel was vaguely Belgian and dark, but not a beer I'd order again.  Overall,  Nørrebro Bryghus has an charming atmosphere and an elegant lunch, but the beer was adequate at best.

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