Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cameron's Warehouse Liquors (Inver Grove Heights, MN)

I haven't been in Cameron's Warehouse Liquors since it closed the old location across the street from its present building on Concord down by the river.  A Star Tribune article summarizes Cameron's trials and tribulations for the short move to a much larger store.

It took me so long--years--to give Cameron's another shot because, one, I don't often travel that direction except on bike. In addition, I have the small macro offering of the old store clouding my judgement.

Imagine my shock walking in the door to see an entire aisle plus several of the coolers along the wall devoted to craft beer.  Keep going around to the left and the walk-in beer cooler has stacks of the old school macro as well.  Tested Cameron's with beers that I know well: Stone Ruination IPA and Anchor 2012 Christmas Ale. Both were in fine condition.

Plus, I went home with Dragon's Milk and Double Bastard, so not a bad stop.  Nice selection of regional and Minnesota craft beer for a range of beer drinkers.  Not a place that's going to challenge my palate or introduce me to a lot of new beers, but definitely a way to pick a six of daily drinking beer on the way home from work--and at a good price.

Another reminder to be careful not to judge the new on the old.  Nice local beer store that I just need to drive down the Concord hill.  When in there, every person buying liquor, mostly of the Coors Light and Skyy Vodka variety, seemed to know and be known by those selling behind the counter.  I felt a bit like an outsider; however, it was reminiscent of a stop at the hometown store with my dad as a kid.  If in the area, give the local family business of Cameron's Warehouse Liquors a chance.

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