Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fermentoren (Copenhagen, DK)

12/29/11, 12/31/12

Ian and I were able to hit Fermentoren twice on this trip, the second being our New Year's Eve outing.  On the evening prior, we met a friend for a single draft at the Mikkeller Bar, left because it was crowded, and then walked in to a packed Fermentoren.  We each grabbed a beer, so I started with Beer Here's Lupulus for a hoppy start. We sat outside in the 40 degree weather under a heat lamp and were quite contented through a second and third draft.

The owner Søren and Ian are friends from Ian's year abroad in Copenhagen.  Søren showed Ian the beer world of Copenhagen of the time, like the Den Totoverede Enke.  So, indirectly, I have Søren to thank for the great beer tour of Denmark.

On New Year's Eve, Søren came into the bar dressed to the nines, chatting with friends and patrons.  He is the epitome of a host in his own place, living the life most have imagined when dreaming of owning a bar over a pint.

Upon arrival tonight, I bellied up to the bar for the Croocked Moon Purple Haze, listed as a DBIPA--Double Black India Pale Ale.  Living up to the billing, Søren  noted that this was the first of his brews that he really feels that he's gotten exactly what he was aiming for and it was an honor to compliment his accomplishment.  Croocked Moon is the house brewery that's in the back of the bar.  I was so distracted by other brewery names--Ugly Duckling, Beer Here, Beer Couch and The Perfect Crime--that I only had the Purple Haze of Søren's brews, but I really like the direction that he is heading.

And if you thought for a second that I've misspelled the name, I did not; it's definitely Croocked Moon and pronounced "crook-ed moon."  Søren said that his mother, in a show of maternal support, had bought him his first brewing kit for Christmas.  She also purchased a domain name, spelling error included, which he decided to keep--an etymology that embodies the love and passion that are needed to start a brewery.

Sitting at the bar on New Year's Eve, the couple filling out the bar with us--one partner originally from Kansas and the other from Helsinki, spending NYE in Copenhagen on their way home to Germany--traded pluses and minuses of varies beers with us, helping each other find the next satisfying beer.  Between us, we tasted the range on the board, finding fault with none besides our own varied tastes that were met exceedingly well. When adding my drafts into my taste database, I spent an inordinate amount of time researching the various breweries tasted here, including several that were collaboration brews--a testament to the well form tap list.  Fermentoren is doing an amazing job and should be high on any beer geek's short list for drinking in Copenhagen.

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