Friday, January 4, 2013

Den Tatoverede Enke (Copenhagen, DK)


Luckily, we made Den Tatoverede Enke (The Tattooed Widow) tonight, our next stop after the Lord Nelson Bar, because they were shutting down for the weekend until the 3rd.  Hard to find in a side alley without a sign, this Copenhagen hideaway supposedly specializes is some pretty good beer food in the restaurant upstairs, but we only stopped in the downstairs bar.

Sixteen taps that I can see and a bottle selection that tends towards Belgians. So they didn't have leftover beer in the kegs for their holiday shutdown, only a few beers remained on tap tonight.  Sad for us, but I like the respect for beer and customers. We had two excellent beers that were well served: Stronzo's Golden Santa and Mikkeller's From To Via, a Christmas beer with a tap handle designed after present label.  While chatting, I noticed how meticulous and attentive the bartender was--one of the best I've ever seen.

When Ian had studied in Copenhagern, he picked up a Westvleteren crate that he brought home for me. Several of the crates sat in the windows as decoration.  Fun to see the "siblings" of my home decor.  We lounged at the bar with a draft and music soft enough to actually be background.  My first night in Denmark, the full darkness by 5:00 pm was a bit shocking to my jet lagged system, as were the two drafts that went right to my head, so we headed home for the night.  However, the Widow is at the top of my list, restaurant included, for a return visit.

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