Saturday, May 25, 2013

Asher Brewing (Boulder, CO)


Our hosts Cheryl and Susannah from Boulder brought us to Asher Brewing, a local haunt that's a certified organic brewery. Lively on a Friday night, it was raucous with friends and pets outside the small pub and others playing games in the back by the barrels aging.

Started with samples: $2 per, so $12 for the set. Pricey but craft and organic come with a price, and usually more when combined.
Fun and games by the barrels in back
My favorites were Tree Hugger Organic Amber, Green Monstah Organic Strong Ale and Green Bullet Organic IPA, which I followed up with a draft.  I was excited to try the Grenade Organic Double IPA, but was disappointed. Chatting took precedence over beer notes, but overall the brews were cleanly brewed with a fresh, full flavor.

A beer conundrum that I haven't been able to figure out is why I have never had an organic beer that is exceedingly better than my non-organic favorites. The basic argument is that superior ingredients should yield a superior product. Yet, I have yet to sample an organic beer (or set of beers) that proves that theory in spite of a strong desire to like them.  Limits of organic ingredients?  Unsure, but Asher's beers are like most organics that I've tasted: good, well brewed but not amazing. Asher isn't my new favorite pub, but it was a great night with friends and an excellent local that I would happily frequent if I lived in the neighborhood.

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