Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Estes Park Brewery (Estes Park, CO)


I've had several people recommend Estes Park Brewery to me over the years.  Unfortunately, our string of great Colorado breweries came to an end here.

Of the samples we tried, the Trail Ridge Red and the Renegade IPA were perfectly passable beers.  The rest were below par. One of the best tasting brews was a combination of porter with the raspberry wheat, never a good sign when mixing beer is an improvement.

Because of my earlier recommendations, we waited past lunch time to eat at Estes Park while spening the bulk of the day driving around Rocky Mountain National Park; my patience and hunger were only adequately satisfied by a cheese pizza.  Disappointing but fine. On this Saturday afternoon, the place is lively and full of locals. Seemed like a fun place to come with a group of people.  If I found myself in Estes Park for the scenery or other reason unrelated to beer, I wouldn't fight going back to Estes Park Brewery.  However, I definitely won't go out of my way for it, again.

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