Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Liberty Village Wines & Spirits (Stillwater, MN)

Heading to Stillwater last Saturday night, the beer fridge was uncharacteristically low and I forgot to get something local before getting on the freeway.  We saw Liberty Village Wines & Spirits just off Manning Avenue on the way to the party.

We stopped to pick up a six to contribute to the festivities.  Ended up taking two 4 packs of Surly: Overrated and Cynic.  One hoppy for me and the like minded and one for everyone else.  However, I had a hard time choosing and had several different beers that I was interested in.

Fine choice for a seemingly small place in a shopping center dressed as a cheesy faux village.

In addition to a full wall of beer coolers, Liberty Village had something unique.  They put together six packs of craft beer by style. Almost went home with the Double IPA pack but kept walking in the interest of time.  Liberty Village is a better than adequate stop with a large cooler to protect that craft beer investment, plus it's presence is clear evidence of craft beer's ever expanding horizon.

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