Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Left Hand Brewing (Longmount, CO)


Our merry band of beer drinkers stopped first today at Left Hand Brewing in Longmount.  I like Left Hand but am not the number one fan of the brewery.  However, Left Hand consistently brews pretty good beerjust nothing that I've fallen in love with.

We settled in and shared several samples at the large high top tables that fit our entire group.
Possibly the coolest bathroom stall divider of all time
I started with the Blackjack cask porter that was good but I preferred the Wake Up Dead Russian Imperial Stout, as did my wife.  These were the highlights event though we tried Milk Stout, Chainsaw Ale Double ESB, Haystack Wheat German wheat, Polestar Porter, and Octoberfest Marzen Lager. Overall, the beer was as expected: well brewed, all good but falling short of great for me.

Fun stop with the bathroom being a weird highlight. The stall doors were made of different types of barley put into the frame like sand art.  While a very odd conclusion from bathroom art, it's caring for the details that shows how much pride a brewery has in itself, which often transfers to the beer. Left Hand is taking care of business, and, by the full tap room, locals are very happy with them.

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