Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rackhouse Pub (Denver, CO)


Rackhouse Pub is directly attached to the Stranahan's distillery, so a very natural choice for dinner before or after a tour. In the space of the defunct Heavenly Daze Brewery, the one BA review of Heavenly Daze sounds like Rackhouse is a retro-fit of the previous incarnation.  The long black bar and big screen TVs provide a nice dimly lit place to drink.  We chose the cut down copper kettle booth just because it was fun.

I started with a Ska Modus Hoperandi because of its rep and cool name; sadly, I was disappointed with it, though not because of how it was served.  It just seemed a bit light in the glass.  We were very happy with our Quattro Formaggio pizza for lunch that paired well with a Great  Divide Belgian Yeti. Only detraction was that the music was a bit loud for us middle aged folk.

A bit out of the way to go for just the Rackhouse Pub, but the
combination with a Stranahan's tour is unbeatable. Due to time constraints, we didn't take the time to hit the nearby Breckenridge Brewery tasting room or Renegade Brewing, but I've noted this as a possible future combination, especially using the downtown Denver public transportation to shorten the trek.

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