Friday, May 3, 2013

Falstaff Bar a Bieres (Montparnasse, France)


When we checked into the Hotel Renoir of Montparnasse, we were mostly concerned that our room had air conditioning after suffering through the hottest weekend since 1994 (according to the hotel clerk in Antwerp the day before). So, even though I noted a beer bar across the street, it took us a day to get to it.

On BeerAdvocate, two Falstaff's are listed in other areas of town, plus I've seen more in our travels. This Falstaff isn't on BA.  The one we visited is on Rue du Montparnasse in Montparnasse, and was a very pleasant stop in spite of being a chain.

Gloria started with Carolus D'or on draft and I had Leffe Royale, a 7.5% blonde that I've seen advertised around town but have never tasted or heard of until our France trip. Both were well served and fresh. We asked the waiter for a recommendation for a French beer on their bottle list and ended up ordering Gavroche, an amber ale from St. Sylvestre. A solid beer with some strong characteristics but not one I'd buy again.

Dinner, however, was a hit. We ordered the Penne aux Fromage and it was spectacular. Really loved the meal, and, surpringingly, it went well with the Carolus D'or.

Thirteen beers on tap from Guinness to La Trappe Tripel to Lindeman's Framboise make it a fine beer stop in a fairly barren Parisian beerscape. 120 bottles listed by country, though I didn't peruse the list thoroughly. We have plans to eat near Brewberry in the Latin Quater for our last night in Paris, but, if needed, I wouldn't hesitate to go to Falstaff again.


  1. I was looking for a Mexican spot that was more of a sit-down meal than air conditioner Montréal.

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