Saturday, July 9, 2011

Salem Beer Works (Salem, MA)


With the exception of once stopping at the OK Corral in Tombstone, AZ, or possibly a buffalo burger (pre-veggie) at Wall Drug in South Dakota, Salem is the biggest tourist trap I've ever visited. However, our quick stop for an eye roll at the witch museum and the confusing search for the "memorial" quickly led us to the Salem Beer Works for a quick and friendly lunch stop before getting back on the road.

Our made to order pizza was a pie of gouda over white sauce on a spent grain crust surprised our waitress--and then us as to how good it tasted.  I also enjoyed some of the themed names for the beers like Black Bat and Witch City Red. But, good if not great beer finished off our trip to Salem.  Like Beer Works on Canal Street, one beer stood out and here it was an interesting and funky leftover barrel aged Belgian Imperial Stout.  If a stop to see the witchcraft kitsch of Salem is a must, including the Salem Beer Works is a decent plan to break the spell.

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