Saturday, July 9, 2011

Meadhall (Cambridge, MA)


I was able to stop twice at Meadhall; the first time because it was close to the subway on the way back and the second time because we knew it was close to the subway and would be a great place to get out of the heat. I'm always scared to go to a beer bar with such a large selection--something is generally old or bad. It was very fun to have every beer we ordered at Meadhall was fresh and well served in its own glass. 

Half of Meadhall's taps
I was especially impressed by the tap organization--each brewery's beers side by side with each other.  Neat and inspires ordering another.  Makes it really easy to check what they have for a single brewery without needing the tap list. The paper list was out of date and rather useless. When you arrive, I suggest that you sit with a view of the chalk board. 

First stop was after eating at CBC down the street, so didn't try the delicious looking french fries. Second stop was on the 4th of July, and no food until 2:30 pm; and then, it was only burgers, dogs and chips for a "4th" grill out in the bar. Being veggies, nothing but the chips worked for us--so we left to eat at CBC after a nice beer stop at Meadhall. 

I would definitely recommend it for the beer and would stop again. Besides the odd food selection on the 4th, the service  was slow sitting at the bar on both occasions, in spite of not really being very busy either time. Another caveat: Be careful believing the style listing on the beer board--one I had was clearly placed incorrectly and I would argue with the definition of a several others.

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