Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Other Side Cafe (Boston, MA)


NOTE: According to BeerAdvocate, the Other Side Cafe has closed since we visited it.  

Great little veggie/vegan bar around the corner from the Hynes stop on the green line. We tried it for dinner on a Friday night because it was close to our hotel, veggie and good beer friendly. Odd, we waited outside for a bit since they said they had reached their occupant capacity, but it seemed quite empty inside when we were seated. Too bad, but others had left because of the short wait and the full patio. Too bad they are losing business for a seemingly confusing rule. 

Great atmosphere--for us--alternative, punk, divey-not sure what to call it. A relief since we were staying at the Sheraton down the street. Friendly and open atmosphere, though the service was a bit slow. They seem to have a wide range of clientele with the draft list ranging from PBR to Stone Ruination. Food was good, and, as always, it's refreshing to have choice between more than two items on a meat-centric menu. Reminds me a lot of Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis, another favorite of ours. 

So, skip the touristy bars and restaurants on Boylston St, and give your business to a nice local bar.

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