Saturday, July 9, 2011

Finback Alehouse (Bar Harbor, ME)


For being in the middle of the very touristy downtown Bar Harbor, Finback Alehouse does a pretty good job. Came here for three reasons: first, it was a very close blockish walk from the dock for the lighthouse boat tour; second, it had Black Bear Microbrewery and no one else seemed to carry them; and third, the multiple mac and cheese offerings fit well with our vegetarianism in a seafood rich area.

Because of extremely dense fog, we extended our stay in Bar Harbor by a full day--and consequently returned for the second shot at the mac n cheese. No website, so I can't look up what we exactly had, but both versions of the baked comfort food were great and one order is fine to share for lunch. I think it was gouda and brie in the first, but we took out the bacon for a pepperjack version on the second and liked it a bit better, each with bowtie pasta.

Over both visits, I tried all three Black Bear offerings--and all were adequate, middle of the road beers that won't scare the touristy types coming in there. Ended with a Long Trail Double Bag, confirming that while I think I should like this beer, it's only ok. All were well served, fresh and fast.

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