Friday, July 8, 2011

Hyde Park Brewing (Hyde Park, NY)

Val Kill, home of Eleanor Roosevelt

When asked how I have tried a large variety of beer, I joke that beer just magically "appears" on trips (usually after researching several websites).  In this case, Hyde Park Brewing did simply appear across the street from the home of FDR. After a morning of tours and contemplation of the New Deal, we headed to Hyde Park Brewing for lunch before heading to Val Kill down the road. 

Home of FDR
The Sunday morning brunch menu looked good, but we ordered safe with the pizza, which was a bit better than good. Six beers on tap, more or less German inspired . All were solid beers, clean and well done--no flaws in the lagering. The Von Schtupp's Black Lager was smooth with enough depth of taste to make it interesting. 

Not sure how far out of my way I'd go for Hyde Park Brewing, but it was a great no-brainer stop while visiting a very beautiful, historic area.

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