Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bukowski's Tavern (Boston, MA)


I was able to hit Bukowski's twice in my trip to Boston. Staying down the block at the Sheraton, Bukowski's was my plan for a fast start in the city. First draft, I went for "The Buk," a house pale ale made in collaboration by their staff and Wormtown Brewing, according to the bartender.  After that, pints of Oscar Blues' G'Night Imperial Red Ale and Lagunitas Olde GnarleyWine insured that I got out of the beer blocks quickly.  Both very good.  Bukowski's has an impressive offering for the relatively small number of taps.

Ordered dinner--mac and cheese--which looked awesome on the list and was mediocre at best.  Mac and cheese seems to be a east coast staple, which I tried at several pubs during the course of this vacation. This was the worst by far but the competition was a very high standard of cheesiness.  A week later when we returned to Boston from road tripping New England, we were tired in the hotel, so I ordered the vegetarian meatball sub to go, which was much better. While waiting for the sub, I had a Cisco The Grey Lady witbier that was well served and refreshing.  However, I noticed that the overall tap offering was much lighter and not as much fun as the weekend before.

Overall, Bukowksi's is a great local pub and a place that I enjoyed a lot for an initial stop. When I asked the bartender for a local place to drink some more, he seemed to prevaricate and gave no recommendations. Maybe he was unaware of the perfectly fun The Other Side that I later found less than two blocks away or other Boston beer stops.  In the end, every beer was well served and they do a good job of presentation and handling, which is the most important thing.

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