Friday, July 15, 2011

Brainless on Cherries (Epic Brewing, Salt Lake City, UT)

Bright red beer that shimmers in the light very nicely. Light acidic cherry in the nose, clean and subtle with slight alcoholic esters over the top. Not hot, but clearly some alcohol off the top. Body is light but palatable, and the bright fresh cherry taste in the center is clearly the best part of the beer. Clean and little syrupy, a tasty beer for the night. Unfair, but hard not to compare to New Glarus Belgian Red. NG beer is far more complex, but the Epic beer fresh is far better than average fruit ales. Good for a try but not going to be a standard in the beer fridge.

10/15/11. Just had the same beer on tap at the Blue Nile, and, when it warms up, this beer reaches a new level. The blend of the beer is much improved between draft and warmth. When cold initially, it seemed very much the same as I remembered the bottle, which makes me wonder if I drank the bottle too fast last summer.

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