Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beer Works-Canal Street (Boston, MA)


After a day on the Freedom Trail, we headed to Boston Beer Works for a beer break before walking over the bridge to Bunker Hill.  We tried only a couple of beers because of time and that we had sampled several of the standard beers of the chain at Salem Beer Works a few days earlier.  All were adequate brews with the India Pale Porter as the stand out beer on Canal Street.

Similar to Salem, each place had ok beer with a single beer that was just a bit better than the rest. Nachos were too big and ok as well. A welcomed break just off the Freedom Trail, but a bit pricey. Best feature was that for some reason there was a very cooling breeze down the street that made the patio very nice, in spite of it being fairly warm walking in other parts of the city that day. So, great patio dining if that's something you enjoy.

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