Friday, July 8, 2011

Bru Rm @ BAR (New Haven, CT)


For some reason, based on press, I had a better opinion of Bru Rm @ BAR than I should have. I didn't look at my database carefully, so didn't notice that I was unimpressed with Bru samples at GABF. Live and learn--use the list.

To my surprise, the height of the evening was the Watermelon ale that we picked as a first draft. Nothing was any better, and one beer--AmBARale--was so seriously flawed that it was amazing that it was even being served. I couldn't even finish the beer. The Chinook Pale Ale redeemed them a bit, but was little more than adequate.

Pizza looked great coming in the door--seemingly their specialty. It was good, but the the burning of the bottom was intense even for the type of oven used. Don't get me wrong; I like wood and coal fired pizza, and understand some high heat scorching will occur. It seemed to be an assumption that a portion of the pizza will be lost and that we should eat around it--according to the evidence of tables around us.


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