Saturday, October 27, 2012

Anniversary Ale 2012 (Town Hall Brewery, Minneapolis, MN)

Happy anniversary to one of the best brewpubs anywhere.  This year's Anniversary Ale has a great punch, especially in the growler.

Dark copper ale with a dirty snowdrift head that fall with a thick lace.  Massive nose of northwest hops that's grassy from the growler almost like a fresh hop ale.  Same caramel and toffee malty base in the draft last night, but the hop nose wasn't nearly as big.  Green hop bite on the tongue that overrides the full, sweet mouthfeel.  Grapefruit in the nose that's stronger on the tongue. Over balanced hoppiness, but nothing I'm upset about.  A great IPA that I'm enjoying, surprisingly, more in the growler than on site.

Anniversary week is a always a special week at Town Hall.  Ten times I've quaffed the anniversary ale in a row, starting in 2003, and they all rank high.  We returned on Saturday after the disappointing Purdue vs Minnesota game (disappointing for Boilermakers) to drink the coconut porter Three Hour Tour and Eye of the Storm, a honey ale. Both excellent, and the porter oddly went especially well with the iconic Town Hall fries and chipotle ranch.  On a bartender's recom, we sampled and then ordered two more of the cherry spiked Eye of the Storm to finish the night in spectacular fashion.

Cheers to many more opportunities to drink Town Hall anniversary ales.

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