Monday, October 15, 2012

Blasphemy (Weyebacher Brewing, Easton, PA)

Fluffy light head on top of a burnished copper ale.  From almost 12% ABV, the alcohol spice is assertive over top of dark fruit, dried cherry and chocolate malt.  Bourbon barrel aging is there too, but languishing underneath.  Sweet quad taste seems to be a bit thin from the aging. Blasphemy is Weyerbacher's Quad in bourbon barrels, but the ABV is the same on both beers, so the barrel aging didn't up the alcohol to thin it out.  In my memory, the Quad has more body, but I don't have a bottle to compare.  The finish is sweet, hot and warming.  Bottle conditioning gives it a yeasty twang, or I didn't decant well enough.  .

Sweet, big and limited, this is a fun beer.  Definitely worth a try but not necessarily an improvement on the Quad.

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