Sunday, October 21, 2012

Smashed Shoulder Stout (Scott Lyke, homebrewer)

I'm not an award winning homebrewer.  But the next best thing is to have a friend who is.  To the left is Scott Lyke's Smashed Shoulder Stout, state fair blue ribbon winner in the stout category this past summer.

The name alludes to a rather nasty bicycle accident that tore up Scott's shoulder.  As a result, he was unable to brew for a while because of lifting restrictions.  Recently back to brewing, congrats to Scott for a prize brew.

Taking the first sip, I can see why it's a winner.  Fluffy head the color of malted milk ball center; it floats fully until it falls with to a thin lace.  Great nose that's thick with chocolate, oak and bourbon and a bit of citrus spice underneath.  Creamy smooth taste that brings up a little roast to compliment the nose.  Slightly acrid taste on the back side that lingers pleasantly with the chocolate and oak.  Overall, a fun, full sensory stout that would be warming on a cold night.

Chatting with the brewer, no oak or bourbon in the recipe, but a secret ingredient pushed the alcohol high.  I surmise the yummy added tastes were from the combination of higher fermentation blended with the stoutish flavors.  Beer is always interesting.

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  1. I didn't realize when you were asking me about the beer last week that you planned to write about it in your blog, Cal. Seriously, I am humbled you included my beer in your ongoing beer adventure. Glad you enjoyed it; I'll be trying to replicate it soon. Cheers!