Monday, October 22, 2012

More beer--reading, please!

Stack of recently no read beer magazines
I've been blogging on Pint Sized Revelations for nearly a year now and starting to see some of the impacts of my work.

Of positive and negative impacts, I didn't anticipate this very simple one.  As an English teacher, I'm a big believer that reading is the base for good writing.  However, I've been falling behind lately.

Part of the reason is the proliferation of good beer writing that is available today compared to even a few years ago.  Beer writers today are pushing new boundaries and maturing along with the industry.  I hate missing any of these issues.

However, spending time writing mathematically takes away from my quality beer reading time.  Free time has limits and there will inevitably be choices.  Personally, I need to return to this reading, in part, because it's a source of inspiration and information.  But, also, it's enjoyable and more relaxing than the rewarding but hard work of writing.  The theme of my personal and professional life lately: the search for balance.  So, I've organized my stack of periodical beeriness and attempting to get to them in the near future.

And, yes, I was aware of the irony of this post while writing it.

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