Wednesday, October 10, 2012

LongShot 2011 American Homebrew Contest (Boston Beer, Boston, MA)

I love the idea of Sam Adams LongShot contest.  Homebrewers duke it out for a major brewery to distribute their winning beer.  Sadly, I've never actually acquired any LongShot beers in the past.  Found the 2011 winners at MGM recently and finally getting to try them.  I've never entered the contest because, well, I'm not a very good brewer.  If I improve some day, I hope to develop the confidence to enter for my long shot chance.

Derf's Secret Alt: Dirty white head on a top of a dark copper alt bier.  Nose is not assertive, but I find it with a swirl: heavy dark malt and fruit, a bit of alcohol hotness from the 9.3% ABV and a hint of spice.  Luscious mouthfeel, silky malt, and dark fruit fill the palette that ends sweet.  A strong beer in a style that normally doesn't excite me.  Strong beer that I'm enjoying a lot.

A Dark Night in Munch:  Light brown head over an almost brown ale with ruby highlights.  Biscuit and toffee in the nose with a hint of spice underneath.  Very smooth dark lager in the mouth with a full nutty flavor with toffee.

Five Crown Imperial Stout: Brown head piled with vacuous bubbles and a heavy lace.  Chocolate and roast in the nose with strong malt, light fig, cherry and spice.  Opaque black body is velvety and thick on the tongue with an hint of acrid roast of the back end that counterpoints the slight slickness from the alcohol.

Nice assortment with Five Crown and Derf's in a virtual tie for me.  Glad that I was finally able to get a set of LongShot beers.

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