Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rhombus Guys (Grand Forks, MN)

Tall New Belgium Hoptoberfest and my
brother-in-laws Bud Lite with the pizza menu

We headed to NoDak to see our nephew Ben and watch UND versus Montana: amazing game.  UND won in the closing seconds 40-34 with a touchdown.  Very fun and my nephew chose to take us to Rhombus Guys.

The place was packed after the game, so we ended up walking around downtown Grand Forks (just as fun as it sounds) until a table opened about 45 min later.  The Blue Moose had an hour and a half wait, so this was the good deal.

Rhombus Guys downstairs
From the dozen or so taps, I tried the Hoptoberfest from New Belgium, but the draft was a little warm.  My nephew's Deschutes Inversion IPA was off, though I'm not sure if it was the draft line, the age of the keg or something else: just not 100%.

But, the pizza--spectacular.  We had the roasted garlic and nibbled on the remainder during the drive on the way home today.  Great hot and cold.  The crust is somewhere between pita and flatbread--delicious.  I'd go back from the pizza in a heartbeat, but the beer isn't up to par, unfortunately.

Rhombus Guys is a great name with a story on the botton of the menu online.  The focus on pizza and lack of beer knowledge can be read between the lines.  I love the story of Matt and Aaron, and lust after the great pizza.  Hopefully, some day, they will learn to serve beer as well as they make pizza.

Note: Adam of Rhombus Guys contacted me after a repost to TripAdvisor.  He says that they take great pride in their beer selection (which is very good) and that they are installing an upgraded cooler in the near future to address beer issues.  I was very impressed with the response and look forward to returning to Rhombus Guys again for some great beer to go with their fabulous pizza.

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