Sunday, October 14, 2012

Woodenville Whiskey 8 gallon barrels

While I'm not ready for this at the moment, the idea of aging homebrew in a barrel like the big boys has always sounded fun.  My homebrew club has done a club brew to fill a full sized barrel, but I'm no where good enough to make the short list of brewers needed to fill it.

Woodinville Whiskey comes to the rescue by selling 8 gallon barrels made from American Oak and used once to age whiskey.  Not cheap, but the option to barrel age your own beers by yourself in your own way in a manageable size may be worth it.  In the April 7, 2012 Barrel Stand video Andy Sparks of Basic Brewing has one already and gives some advice for set up.

I'm not familiar with Woodinville Whiskey, but I applaud their business sense and support of more barrel aged brew in the world.

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